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What is Passiontide?

Passion Sunday – 5th Sunday of Lent The great festivals that were once kept throughout Europe provided a cultural common language that is now almost entirely lost. But rather like the twelve days of Christmas…the days from the 5th Sunday … Continue reading

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This week’s latest review of the course of the US Election…..

  Illinois, Romney wins decisively; Santorum wins as decisively in Louisiana Mitt Romney won a decisive victory in the Illinois Primary last night….taking some 47% of the vote.Last night Rick Santorum took almost 505 of the vote in the Louisian Primary.. For more on … Continue reading

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Civil Marriage and Civil Partnerships

What civil marriage means in the context of the struggle for gay rights…   The subject of civil marriage between same sex couples has generated a vigorous debate from which ironically civility appears to be the one element that’s missing. … Continue reading

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Mendelssohn: Elijah , Barbican 7th March

Barbican HaLL Elijah or….after the Baal is over   Britten sinfonia and soloists I love Oratorio – which a dear friend of mine calls the English vice. But I will confess straight away that I’ve never really liked Elijah. I … Continue reading

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News Up-date and news on the site

Apologies to those of you who expected more on the Recipes page than I’ve managed. I plan to put that right over the next week with a determined push and maybe some better organisation…. The galleries are also now almost completed and … Continue reading

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Andy Murray…..finalist in Dubai

Andy Murray is playing some truly great tennis this year. His semi final in Australia was breath-taking and saw him play some truly extraordinary tennis. Now his straight sets victory over Novak Djokovic in Dubai in the semi-finals marks a … Continue reading

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Email sent to Rush Limbaugh regarding his comments on Sandra Fluke

Mr Limbaugh, There are depths to which no one with access to the public broadcasting should ever sink. Your comments on Sandra Fluke surpass what even in these times might be tolerated. What sort of example do you set with … Continue reading

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