Boxing Day Bloody Mary

As Kipling would say…Best Beloved, here’s a recipe for a lethal Bloody Mary that will make every Boxing Day memorable…

Three parts of Vodka ( the cheapest to be found)
One part passata and two parts tomato juice…never use a concentrate juice for any cocktail…unless you don’t like your guests….
1/4 teaspoon of English Mustard Powder; 1/2 teaspoon of fresh horseradish….if you cannot find fresh horseradish then use a hot bottled variety.
A pinch of salt a decent pinch of cayenne pepper; a little celery salt or a little fenugreek and a good grind of fresh black pepper. If you like things hot fresh green chilli one per person.
Mix the ingredients with a small hand whisk and pour into a tumbler filled with ice.
Add a stalk of celery cut into a third at least an inch longer than the serving glass and then a slice of green pepper and a pitted black olive and a French radish and a cocktail onion all on a cocktail stick.
Finally add the juice of a 1/4 of a lime and a 1/4 of a lemon together with the zest of both…this is VITAL… and stir vigorously with the meanest pinch of sugar.
Serve with Tabasco and Worcester Sauce for each guest to add for themselves.

This is a wonderful pre-brunch cocktail and should be served with hot buttered toast and Kipper Pate. It is the perfect anti-dote to a late Saturday night.

For High Days and such you can sprinkle a very few caviar eggs over the first cocktail….don’t bother with the second as the guests will be too merry to notice if you give them a good shot of Vodka with the first!!

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