Poem from Cashel: Tales my mother told me

Love’s ship of fools has sailed beyond your reach,

Lost, broken in the foams of life’s typhoon;

Your Love’s washed-up, lies lifeless on the beach,

Irrelevant, like footsteps on the moon;

True Love’s wreckage spewed-up by life’s salt tide,

Proves your lost Love had long abandoned ship.

No sweaty lifeguard’s kiss-of-life revives;

No Judas kiss restores old passions’ grip.

That silvered-kiss, counterfeit with treachery,

Debases you as to the manor born.

That kiss once coined, to buy Love’s ecstasy,

Accrues the emptiness of social form.

Love’s hatched and flown leaving this empty shell

Kiss Love goodbye and fly this living hell


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