Emma’s song – Coming of Age

Emma’s Song

I’ve given up on love or love’s given up on me
Oh’s just fine, it’s not some crime, it’s how I want to be
I’ve just given up on Love, and waved old love goodbye
No need to sigh, no tears to cry and I’m not gonna die.
I lived with love, I lived for Love and thought of nothing less
I even bought love, got nearly caught love, love is such a mess
I’ve given up on love and I’m not the least depressed
I bet if I’d not let you know you never would have guessed.

I’ve given up Love but life’s not given up on me
I’m the same old me but it’s to be, just me, singly.
I’ve given up on Love, no, I haven’t lost my mind,
Seriously, I need no sympathy, no, not of any kind.
I’m not blindly dating or madly waiting for anyone any more
No shameless eyes disguising stupid lies that I despise and deplore
I’ve given up on love or maybe Love’s given up on me
I was peacefully content when the bastard went, unsentimentally.

I’ve given up on Love; I’ve said my last adieu
My love has left; I’m not bereft; I’m glad we’re through
I’ve given up on love but there’s no hostility
No texts perplexing me; no talking therapy; no disrespecting me
I knew it wouldn’t do; I knew that we were through, you see
When two’s not sufficient company who’d want to try three?
I’ve not given up on love rather I am loving number one
Living on my own; owning my own home; lying on my own…chaise-longue.

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