Amicus Certus

Amicus Certus
Who stands with you when you’re left without hope?
Who smiles through the tears as you say goodbye?
Who blesses your life as if some prince or pope?
Who holds your hand as you quietly cry?
A friend: the love that often has no name
The love which we recognise all the same.
Who’s first to laugh at your stupid jokes?
Who shrugs aside the fact you’ve lost the game?
Who shakes his head at your angry outbursts?
Who stands by you even in your shame?
A friend the strangers love that stops briefly by
But remains inside your heart until you die.
When friends are taken well before their prime
Their spirits soaring like the whitest dove
Who comforts you in this solemn time?
Who replaces the loss of such a special love?
A friend: as irreplaceable as love lost to you
Saddens still sunsets but sweetens morning dew.
Who certain waits for you to cross the breach
That journey’s end we all must walk alone.
Who’s there, hand extended, to help you reach
That final resting place to which He calls you home?
A friend: patient as Penelope who waits to please
With ready feasts, the return of her great Ulysses.
Septuagesima 2013

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