Woman Kind – lines inspired by my dear sister


You’re alone, at home, pondering, wondering why it is you see the world the way you do.
You ask yourself why life debars you and seldom stars you, who am I and why, why, why?
You’re daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, woman of many parts, queen of many hearts.
Woman’s sphere spins near to man’s ancient fear, perceives that for woman sex conceives;
You cause Nature’s laws to pause while genes generate within the womb’s gauze a new life.
Your strength, to carry a cause to any length,to the point of the absurd, to ensure you’re heard.
Born to beguile you own a style that makes a simple dress impress and look on you more not less.
Your fight, to get it right, maybe you’re impolite – not shrinking from saying what others are thinking.
Your hope, to give others scope to see there’s no bar for them to be free to be entirely who they are.
You’re born, heir to strife and struggle but you more than merely muddle through – you’re born to do.
You’ve flare to draw the despair from life’s care; giving more in just living than many driven dare to.
You’re precious, for streets of qualities sweetly wrapped inside your personality’s completeness.
You’re unaware that you share so many gifts with those of us who care above all for your love.
Who are you? You’re wise woman, goddess-wife, Mother Earth, source of life, reason for our birth.

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