Email sent to Rush Limbaugh regarding his comments on Sandra Fluke

Mr Limbaugh,

There are depths to which no one with access to the public broadcasting should ever sink. Your comments on Sandra Fluke surpass what even in these times might be tolerated.

What sort of example do you set with such intemperate use of language – to a student, to your countrymen and women, to children or indeed to any human being?

To sink to these depths in pursuit of attention is sickening; to do so in pursuit of ratings is beneath contempt.  But the particular words you chose to use make gratuitous your verbal offence.That you selected such words isn’t just a shame, it demeans public discourse  – it mires in dishonour the very honour we accord to ‘freedom of speech’.

You and your followers often feel free to speak with the authority of Christians: reflect then upon the words of Jesus to the woman taken in adultery whom the Pharisees wanted to stone to death in accord with Judaic law – ‘let you who are blameless cast the first stone.’ Shamed by Christ’s injunction – one by one they drop their stones and leave. Afterwards Jesus turns to the women – St Mary Magdalene – and says – go home and sin no more. Note Christ passes no judgment on her for her past but instead offers her a choice about her future.

You, sir, might bring yourself to show a similar restraint before you start casting verbal stones like ‘slut’ over the airwaves at anyone. At least the restraint of a little silent reflection might be in order. And perhaps in that still silence, like St Mary, you will follow the Lord’s injunction and do the only decent thing…repent your sin… put down that microphone… and speak no more…

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