A few poor lines reflecting on Transubstantiation –

On Transubstantiation:

O wonderful,  simple bread may be plainly so much more than simply bread to me;
Grapes cut off branches of the Living Vine delight me with sweet distillate Divine.
O wonderful, this feast of bread and wine fulfills our hunger for life eternally
In mysterious Transubstantiation revealed at Elevation within sense sublime.
O wonderful, silently while I kneel my troubled heart can feel the healing Presence Real
Made manifest; it graces sight to see the Saviour’s face may be encased in Holy Eucharist.
O wonderful,  from His sacred pain that I and all regain all –  as all sin steals away.
All lost with Adam; all fallen with Eve’s fall; all rises; all now death resists.
O wonderful, that by the Agony of dark Gethsemane; and by the Cross at Calvary;
By His Blest Virgin Mother and by St John I too belong  though all I’ve done is wrong.
O wonderful,  He raises us repeatedly to new life and with joy we sing in harmony,
Amidst the herald hosts, with one voice of praise, the seraphs’ Holy song.
O wonderful,  that Truth commands us to speak His same Words in His Holy Name;
And in breaking bread again regains the good of sacrificial blood shed for our gain.
O wonderful,  a drop let fall from the pain-full cup he let not pass-by, completely contains
A new age; displaced, death dies in old earth’s remains and anew Heaven reigns.
O wonderful, God’s Son illuminates our world of words in His own words
By which He’s addressed in this Sacrament  – though clothed as bread and altar wine;
O wonderful,  by these Love-lit signs the Word made Flesh yet may be seen and heard;
And from forth He shines still ever Himself: All God; All Love;  forever, All Divine.
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