Romney versus Obama: close but not that close

Electoral College: today, 9th october

Obama 332 Romney 206 Tied  0

Senate :

Democrats: 52        Republicans: 44     Toss-ups: 4


House of Representatives:

Democrats: 186             Republicans: 226         Toss-ups:  26


The Big Bird of Sesame Street had joined the US election campaign as the Democrats use Romney’s recent attack in the Debate on the funding of PBS ( the Public broadcaster in the USA that really makes some of the finest TV ever devised and challenges the BBC for the palm for the greatest service to public broadcasting these days). The recent TV debate seemed to open up the US election but as ever in politics appearances can be deceptive – if rarely as deceiving as the candidates themselves and a new poll Rasmussen Polls shows Consumer Confidence up 10 points since Friday jobs report…..continued here….


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