For First Time – Obama below the Magic 270

Electoral College:Obama 263 versus Romney 240   (Tied 35 Florida and Iowa)

based on polls as at 9th June.

Senate: Democrats 51 Republicans 47

(2 toss-ups)

One of the oldest rules of politics is that office transmutes the basest metal into gold – even if it’s only fool’s gold.And having gained office all politicians come to believe they’re deserving of its continuance.

The camaraderie of office ensures they all think the same.The world as seen from inside the official limousine is safe from the brutal realities that those outside are struggling to live with from day to day.Solidarity has come to mean supporting each other’s re-election bids.

The latest and most futile example was Mrs Merkel’s offer to campaign for President Sarkozy. But the cold political fact is that currently no incumbent has survived an election since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008….

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