Endless Winter’s End

These days how long these Winters linger-on – cold days, foggy days, forlorn days,
How bare the trees; how dull the light; how black the ice; how bitter cold the past.
These days Winters blasts bring snow days; blizzards whiting-out my younger days
When Spring days’ flames danced playfully – then how green the grass, how sweet the corn.
Then Winter’s dawn held no dead dread; then the year’s cool side laid beside the fireside;
How holly-sharp the wind; how berry-bright the days; how late dark chocolate nights.
These days how long the Winter water lies –  wet days; rainy days; days flooded by my past.
How muddy now the grass; how slippery under foot; how perilous the path to my lost youth.
Summer’s time is overtime to me and Autumn’s musky glut is fallen and too far gone;
How rich the purple plums; how berry black the jam; how far away are they
From where I am. These days the Winter carries on and on – 
Born on the leaven wind rising from the east it sweeps-up life like dead leaves
It leaves me cold and feeling too old to outlast another endless winter’s end.
Bentham, February 2014
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