Advent Carol Calendar: Day 3 Quem pastores laudavere

Third Day of Advent Quem Pastores Laudavere

I first sang this when i was in the school choir in Lower Sixth – 1970. it’s a lovely traditional french carol but there are versions in German and Polish. Four choirboys give a lovely rendition of the carol here…..

A very traditional picture of the Shepherds and the angel

A very traditional picture of the Shepherds and the angel

1. Quem pastores laudavere,
quibus angeli dixere,
absit vobis jam timere,
natus est rex gloriæ.

2. Ad quem reges ambulabant,
aurum, thus, myrrham portabant,
immolabant hæc sincere
Leoni victoriæ.

3. Exultemus cum Maria
In cœlesti heirarchia
Natum promat voce pia
Laus honor et gloria.

4. Christo regi, Deo nato,
per Mariam nobis dato,
merito resonet vere
Dulci cum melodia.

It was translated in 16th Century into this versions with the veses we see above alternating with a long choral refrain.

Original Text English Translation
Quem pastores laudavere,
Quibus angeli dixere,
Absit vobis jam timere,
Natus est rex gloriae.

Nunc angelorum gloria
Hominibus resplenduit
in mundo.
Novi partus gaudia
Virgo mater produxit,
Et sol verus
in tenebris illuxit.
Christus natus hodie ex virgine.

Ad quem magi ambulabant,
Aurum, thus, myrrham portabant,
Immolabant haec sincere
Leoni victoriae.

Nunc angelorum gloria…

Exultemus cum Maria
In coelesti hierarchia,
Natum promant
voce pia
Dulci cum melodia.

Nunc angelorum gloria…

Christo regi, Deo nato,
Per Mariam nobis dato,
Merito resonet vere
Laus, honor, et gloria.

Nunc angelorum gloria…

The one praised by the shepherds,
to whom the angels said,
“Now lay aside your fears,”
has been born the king of glory.

Now the glory of the angels
has become resplendent
in the world to all.
The joys of a new birth
a virgin mother has brought forth,
and the true sun has brought light
to the darkness.
Christ is born today of a virgin.

To whom the wise men made their way,
bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
which they offered with open hearts
to the victorious lion.

Now the glory of the angels…

Let us rejoice with Mary
amid the host of heaven,
and let them announce the birth
with devoted voice
and with sweet melody.

Now the glory of the angels…

To Christ the king, born God,
given to us through Mary,
let there resound as is truly fitting
praise, honor, and glory.

Now the glory of the angels…

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