Happy New Year to the old Web Page


Emotional moment - me reading Lines Composed above Tintern Abbey

What’s on John Murphy in 2013?

Today there’s a new gallery ……………..see here….

This will be the first of a series of new pages I will roll out over the next week.

They will include about 300 new photographs – donated to the site.

There will be two new History Pages on Duke of Somerset and on the Real Presence of the traditionalist bishops in the reformation in England. Both will make controversial comments on current historiography..

I will be dictating a recipe from Creena’s hand-written Recipe Book each week. The long planned reorganization of this section will finally happen.

I will update all the three novel pages and give the world the opening fifty pages of Friends in Deed.

I hope also to be able to link my latest Tweets to this Web Page.

And I will give a daily report on Dragon Naturally Speaking as I type my old thesis on the Mid Tudor Royal Household into the Word. Maybe I should suggest to Dragon Naturally speaking they sponsor this site? I wish….If it works out – and I think from early trials it will – I will then also use Dragon to write my blog and to compose my new novel –   Following a Class Act.

Though this also a good moment to mention that Sacramento Opera and Detroit Radio follow this blog and cite me….I’ve also had offers of adverting and offers of free concert tickets on this Web Page but I’m honestly not altogether comfortable with commercialisation of my Blog as I do not wish for it to dilute my freedom to express an opinion.

I was also interviewed by Detroit’s principal talk-radio host on Boxing Day about Boxing Day….more of which tomorrow.



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