Storming towards the finish line….

The next to last word of the US election…

Electoral College:  Obama 284    Romney 220 Tied:  34

Senate: Democrats 53    Republicans:  46 Tied: 1

The House of  Representatives remains Republican –  Democrats: 200 Republicans 220


While the latest polls sew confusion the weather in the US up-ends all electoral calculations. Early voting Democrats have been given a further fillip by Mother Nature. There’s a monster storm gathering on the Eastern seaboard and which may make landfall sometime around Monday.  It has already been named ‘Frakenstorm’ by the media. It threatens to end this electoral cycle in the chaos of a natural disaster which may truly impact the result in all sorts of ways that are wholly unpredictable. And voters who have not voted early may not be able to vote at all. There is already frantic polling going on to see to whose advantage this possible stormy weather may play….the republicans suddenly see Rep Ryan’s state of Wisconsin as the key to take back the White House….continued here….


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