Flowers at the wedding of Hannah Smith & Greg Lakin

15th September 2012

Hannah Smith & Greg Lakin were married at Lillibrooke Manor


Wedding Flowers - by John and Richard and Brendan- second display

wedding flowers - by John and Richard and Brendan



If Love like wheat might ripen in the fields

We’d husband well the crop the sunlight yields.

We’d plough Love’s field with furrows straight and true;

Sow seeds of Love with care, as lovers do.

Love’s harvest ripe we’d reap with scythes of gold;

And sheaves of Love with golden thread enfold.

We’d cure Love sweet, with beat of gentle breeze

One of the three wheels flowers by John and Richard and Brendan

From wings of sugared sylphs and honeyed bees.

Second Wheel - flowers by John and Richard and Brendan

We’d shake the husk of hate from Love’s gold grain

With threshers’ happy skill, we’d thrash Love’s shame.

Winnow jealous Love free of anger’s chaff;

From refined Love shape life’s sustaining staff.

Glean selfish Love ‘til clear of envy’s curse

Then cast Love’s seed-corn ‘cross the universe.

Your truly....

Richard & Maurice - knees-up Mother Brown


Love’s Harvest is taken from Cashel, Tales my Mother told me

Richard & Regina

left to right - John & Brendan & Richard


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