The US election – What the hell is Legitimate Rape?

Legitimate concerns about legitimate Rape

The US election has taken a sharp swing into the politics of ethics. The campaign is now focused on the cultural divide that increasingly defines America both to itself and to the rest of the world. whatever the outcome the two Americas now slogging out seem unlikely to be able to come to terms either with each other or the new realities that govern the world.

Thus as in Europe, the outcome of the US elections – which the world hoped would finally resolve the outstanding issues – look most likely to continue the dead-lock that grid-locks the world’s single largest political power.

The latest analyses cam be found on The Olympian Struggle – letter XXIII and Two parties;two religions; two Americas – Letter XXIV

Electoral College ( winner requires 270 votes)

based on polls to 23rd August

Barak Obama: 326   Mitt Romney: 214

Senate: Democrats: 47 Republicans 51 Tied: 2

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