Of Greek Myths, Kristol balls & American DREAMers

Electoral College:Obama 279 versus Romney 230   (Tied 29 Florida)

based on polls as at 18th June.

Senate: Democrats 51 Republicans 47

(2 toss-ups)


Life imitates art or is it vice versa?

Homer certainly thought he knew when he wrote down the legends we know as the Iliad and the Odyssey – a strange amalgam of tales of men and gods; of war and peace; of hopes destroyed by conflicting ambitions; of love surviving the trials of a bitter victory.
The odd survival of Homer, when so much of ancient literature was lost, is accidental. That odd accident of history has vastly impacted on our understanding of ancient civilisation; of ancient history; and even of how we perceive our own lives through the prism of classical heritage.
The other great survival from those times is performance art. In ancient Greece and later Roman times this was expressed through speech, dance, accompanied song, mime and acting – it gave a mirror for us to hold up to our world. The Greeks saw life as interplay of Tragedy, Comedy and Farce.
It turns out centuries on and millions of lives later that we’re no better informed nor any better prepared for life’s events than they. What can be more comic or tragic than that?
As we helplessly watch the undemocratic farce play out Athens today we can see how perceptive the ancients were of our human condition.  Since 2008 continued here in Greek Myths & Kristol Balls

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