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Flowers for the Diva

Ian Loveless We hosted a birthday party for my dear friend Ian whom I’ve known since the late 1970s and who despite my worse behaviour has managed to remain among the best of my friends. I’m very lucky. We’ve been through much … Continue reading

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I’m just wild about Harry

Prince Harry: the cult of Monarchy & the hypocrisy of Media HRH Prince Harry was busily rebuilding his public image once again last night with a well-timed visit to one of the children’s charities of which he is Patron.  I know a young six year old … Continue reading

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Cardinal Archbishop Carlo Maria Martini RIP 1927 – 2012

Carlo Maria Martini RIP 1927 – 2012   Today in Milan they bury one of the greatest churchmen of the second half of the twentieth century. A Jesuit and former Archbishop of Milan Carlo Martini was primarily a scholar . Martini was awarded his … Continue reading

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Edward VI

Part 1…. Minor’s Orders and Minority Interests Born to rule – Today it is a phrase sardonically employed to describe a social structure that enables a privileged few effortlessly to sustain positions of political influence. By way of satirical irony those … Continue reading

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2012 US election – latest analysis

From the eye of the storm to the nay of the platform – The Republican Party after  Tampa & the Electoral College For the last three days I’ve watched the most of the speeches that graced the GOP convention at Tampa. … Continue reading

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